No more swinging an ax to get your kindling!

The safest, easiest way to split kindling for your fire

The Kindling Maker kindling splitters are designed to slice 1/4" - 1" pieces of kindling easily in a safe and effective manner

Great for camping, at home, or the cottage.

Two Models to Choose From!

 The Wall Mount Kindling Maker

The Wall Mount Kindling Maker can be screwed onto a deck or fence post, or you can use a ratchet strap and mount it on a tree.
Ratchet strap not included

The Little Kindling Maker
The Little Kindling Maker is easy to use, fast and very safe. You can screw it down to a work bench, sit it on a picnic table, or set it on any flat surface or on the ground right beside your fire. The corners are radius-ed for safety and it has a 2 stage splitting design.

See the videos below to see how fast and easy all of the Kindling Makers are to use